Visiting/Sabbatical Researcher: Woodwell Climate Research Center, 2023

Associate Professor: University of Illinois Chicago, 2020-present

Assistant Professor: University of Illinois Chicago, 2014-2020

Visiting Professor: Colorado College, 2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate: University of Colorado/CIRES, 2010-2013



Pomona College: BA/Geology 2002

University of Southern California: PhD/Earth Sciences 2010

University of Colorado: Post Doc/Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 2013


Funding and Awards:




NSF-RISE: Building Equitable University-Community Geoscience Research Collaborations on Chicago’s South Side. (2024-2026) Amount $299,000 (Lead PI)


NSF-DEB: Collaborative Research: MRA: Dew impacts on ecosystem carbon, energy and water fluxes at continental scale – a synthesis across NEON sites
(2023-2027) Amount $347,157 (PI)


DOE-BER: Community Research On Climate and Urban Science (CROCUS). (2022-2026) Amount $6,067,291 (PI)


NASA Illinois Space Grant Consortium: Multiple Undergraduate Research Projects (MURP). (2020-ongoing) Amount $~25,000/yr (PI)


DOE-BER: Integrating Tree Hydraulic Trait, Forest Stand Structure, and Topographic Controls on Ecohydrologic Function in a Rocky Mountain Subalpine Watershed. (2022-2025) Amount $88,524 (PI)


DOE-TES: Water foraging with dynamic roots in E3SM; The role of roots in terrestrial ecosystem memory on intermediate timescales. (2019-2022) Amount $271,691 (Lead PI)



DOE-Subsurface Biogeochemical Research: Space and Time Dynamics of Transpiration in the East River Watershed: Biotic and Abiotic Controls. (2018-2020) Amount $199,691 (Lead PI)


Woodrow Wilson Foundation/Course Hero: (2018-2019). Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching.  Amount: $39,740 (Lead PI)


NSF Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (2015-2018): Rocky Mountain Ecohydrology During the Eemian Interglacial. Amount: $313,243. (Lead PI)


NSF GP-IMPACT (2016-2020): Establishing Partnerships to Recruit Geoscience Undergraduates from Urban Chicago. Amount: $429, 363 (Co-PI)


DOI Illinois Water Resources Center (2016-2017):  Under the Cover of Darkness: Nighttime Water Use by Native, Biofuel and Agricultural Crops of Illinois.  Amount: $36,764. (Lead PI)


UIC Silver Circle Award for Teaching Excellence (2017-2018)



Soils and the Environment (EaES 473)

Climate and Land Interactions (EaES 577)

Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (EaES 513)

Climate, Contamination and Chicago (EaES 105)

The Northwest Passage (LAS 294)

Earth Systems (EaES 285)




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*(author order in reverse for medical journal)


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